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Thomas Sanderson Commercial Blinds - Designed to perform

At Thomas Sanderson you will find the most versatile and exciting range of blinds ideally suited to the needs of the commercial specifier. We concentrate on the manufacture and installation of pleated blinds- in fact, we manufacture and install more than anyone else in the world. This expertise means we can successfully offer a shading solution for any number of windows and rooflights, of all sizes, shapes and locations, with a blind that provides a consistent appearance.

At Thomas Sanderson we passionately believe we manufacture and install the best blinds in the world. The result is a stylish window treatment you know has been designed to do the job you need. Delivered when you need.

Pleated blinds, the most versatile solutionPleated blinds, the most versatile solution

A huge range of sizes, shapes and locations can be covered with the Thomas Sanderson pleated blind system. There are blind models to cover almost every eventuality, many of which can be power operated for convenience. In addition to the model type, there is a vast choice of fabrics, selected to provide a solution to all your shading and privacy needs.

The concept of the pleated blind is remarkably simple - it has the concertina appearance of a fan which can be positioned exactly where needed when sun shading or privacy are required. The unique design enables the blind to be folded away discretely when not needed.

The Thomas Sanderson system is controlled through the use of chords, which pass through the fabric to keep the blind in shape. Rooflight blinds are prevented from sagging through the specification of anti-friction coated steel support wires on a patented tension control device.

Thomas Sanderson have turned the blind-maker's art into a science to produce our pleated blinds in a whole array of angles and complex shapes. For the specifier and commercial client it means that at last here is one blind system that can handle virtually any problem thrown at it, providing high performance and durability in use, and a consistent appearance across a whole building if required.

Fabric selections - finding the best solutionFabric selections - finding the best solution

Specifying the best blind to solve your particular problem can be a minefield. Sometimes working out the full extent of the requirement for specialist blinds can be just too complicated. To make things easier for the commercial specifier, Thomas Sanderson have created a range of pleated fabrics that can provide a solution to a wide range of problems.

What to consider when specifying blinds

  • Transparency

Thomas Sanderson can offer five types of fabric density, from ultra transparent to darkening. You can even specify fabrics of two densities on the same blind, with our special DualShade Blind.

  • Light Transmission

One of the fundamental tasks of a solar control blind is to reduce the amount of light and glare. It is common to find an opaque blind that successfully restricts direct glare but still allows a significant amount of light to pass.

The light transmission properties of a solar control blind fabric are particularly important in light-sensitive applications, such as protecting computer screen users, audio visual presentation rooms and in hotel bedrooms. Light transmission is measured as a %, the lower the figure the more effective the material.

  • Solar reflection

This is the amount of direct energy that is reflected by the blind fabric and is the most obvious measure of the performance of the specialist protective coatings on solar control fabrics. Solar reflection is measured as a %, the higher the figure the more solar energy being reflected by the blind.

  • Solar transmission

This is the amount of direct energy transmitted through the blind fabric. It is this transmitted energy that heats a room and its occupants. The noticeable benefit of a blind fabric with a good Solar Transmission performance is the creation of a more comfortable, controllable working environment. An additional benefit of a high performance fabric that restricts heat build up is cost savings as a result of a reduced load placed on air conditioning systems. Solar transmission is measured as a %, the lower the figure the better the performance.

  • Thermal Insulation - U-Value

As well as reducing the amount of solar energy entering a building through the windows, consideration should also be given to reducing the heat loss through windows in the colder months. This is particularly important for north-facing facades. Or where an elevation is in shade from a nearby building. Thermal insulation is measured as a U-Value, the lower the U-Value the more efficient the blind fabric.

  • UV-Transmission

A significant amount of Ultra Violet Radiation enters a building through the windows. Blinds can be specified which filter out UV to a small level if this is required. UV transmission is measured as a percentage, the lower the figure the more effective the blind fabric.

  • Flame Retardant fabrics

Fabrics identified as Flame Retardant comply with the requirements of BS 5867.

  • Colour Fastness

This provides an indication of how colour-stable your chosen fabrics will be.

Blind Models

  • Free hanging window blinds

Free hanging window blindsIdeal for where the windowsill needs to be kept clear, for a tall window or where the window cannot be approached closely. Free-hanging window blinds have the head-rail attached to the window or reveal at the top. The fabric is attached to the head-rail at one end and a moving rail at the other. 

Control is via an endless cord at one side. Pulling on the endless cord will raise of lower the moving rail via an internal rotary mechanism, hence opening and closing the blind.

  • Friction-Controlled Window Blinds

Friction-Controlled Window BlindsAs for free hanging window blinds, the head-rail is attached to the window or reveal at the top. The fabric is attached to the head-rail at one end and a moving rail at the other.

Operation is manual, directly on a handle fixed to the moving rail. Fine polyester cords are routed through the fabric and secured at the bottom with either a base rail or fixing buttons. The cords are attached to a spring mechanism, which provides a friction brake on the moving rail holding the blind in any position it has been moved to. By virtue of the cords, the blind is firmly secured, holding its position even with a draught.

  • Friction controlled roofblinds

Friction controlled roofblindsThese blinds operate in the same way as above, but have an enhanced specification to cater for a more demanding environment. Additional support cords of multi-core stainless steel cables are used. They are 1 mm in diameter and carry an anti friction coating.

Operation is manual, directly on the moving rail by means of a snap-lock pole, which connects to the adjustable handle. Each blind includes tensioning mechanisms that allows the user to release the tension on the support cables for easy blind removal.

  • PowerPleat electrically operated blinds

Many blinds may be operated using the PowerPleat option. This comprises a high performance, miniature 24v electric motor fitted within the head-rail for each blind allowing the product to blend easily into its surroundings. Control may be independent or zoned with other blinds can be operated wirelessly by switch, remote control or timer.

DualShade Blinds - The tailor-made option

DualShade Blinds - The tailor-made option

DualShade blinds combine different types of fabric, e.g. an opaque upper and a transparent lower in a single blind offering a wide range of light control options. Specify the DualShade blind for rectangular windows and rooflights.

So talk to Thomas Sanderson about your project. We're glad to help!

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